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Kate & Anna

Hey this is Kate and Anna and we are Girlfriend Creative - a creative agency run by artists for artists. We work with our artists to help develop from their core artistic values upwards helping them realise the true creative potential that lies within their own unique identity and artistic personas.  Our goal when working with artists is to translate their vision into creative content which is both authentic and creatively enlightening to the artist. 

We are both creative directors at heart with individual skills ranging from Photography, videography, producing, styling  and art direction.

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WHY (we do what we do)

To creatively and visually enlighten the music artist through the process of making art together



‘Faff free’ artist branding and visual asset creation that provide a  fulfilling and creative experience for artists .


  1. Development process: Giving our clients knowledge and expertise that allows them to sustain their project and come up with authentic ideas for their shoot with the assistance of our consultation.

  2. OTD: Creating a great shoot experience that creates beautiful assets for their project. 

  3. Delivery: Managing delivery to ensure our clients get exactly what they’re looking for

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