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Social Media Solutions

At Girlfriend Creative we appreciate that in this day and age the need for artist content is often overwhelming. We not only need to fill our instagram with artistically curated imagery, but we need to also utilise other platforms such as Tik Tok and constantly keep up a consistent flow of both high quality and authentic content. Coming from an artist background ourselves we understand that to do this alone is almost impossible, so that's where your Girlfriend's come in. Let's tackle social media together. 

Here's how we make social media content creation simple, efficient and fulfilling


Strategy and Planning 

This is where we look at an overview of the artists project as well as chatting through where our artists feel like they need the most support when it comes to creating content for social media. From here we then get together a set of ideas to try out on our content day.

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 15.32.14.png

Social Media Content Day 

We then get together for a day and try out different ideas, or alternatively, we give our artist a task list of ideas to try out throughout the week depending on how we'd like to go about working together. 


Review and Develop

Once we've tried and tested our ideas, we then get together and discuss what we did and didn't like. From here we then work on the next set of ideas and repeat the creative process. Our objective is to keep repeating this process until our artists are at a place where they feel confident with their own social media content creation and, as the saying goes; 'fly the nest'. 

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